Job Portal Builder by GazabJobs

GazabJobs is India’s unique employment platform that acts as a Wholesaler of Blue & Grey Collar Jobs. It also provides skilling opportunities for the youth in addition to a layer of intermediaries that help in aggregating job seekers. GazabJobs is a platform known for its uniqueness because it empowers Training Institutes and Consultants to launch their own Jobs website with a job portal website developer in under a minute and act as a distributor of jobs that are sourced centrally for their captive job seekers. Having an established network and capabilities to aggregate the Supply of Jobs from top employers, Gazabjobs can innovate the aggregation of Demand for such Jobs.

The benefits that the job portal builder by GazabJobs offer:

  1. GazabJobs Insta: Enables the creation of an online personalised portal without worrying about the technical hassle. With an efficient job portal website development, GazabJobs allows creating an online job portal in 3 quick steps.
  2. GazabJobs Match: The job portal builder by GazabJobs ensures that the hosted jobs are matched with the most suitable candidates. The GazabJobs online recruitment portal takes care of the placements so that the recruiters can relax.
  3. GazabJobs Launchpad: The job portal builder by GazabJobs provides an opportunity for the candidates to level-up, through the state-of-the-art online learning center.
  4. GazabJobs Magnify: The online job portal website development by GazabJobs provides the perfect opportunity for training institutes and consultants to earn supplemental income.

The features of the job portal builder by GazabJobs include:

  1. Quick Setup: GazabJobs portal builder allows creating the platform in 3 quick steps, no passwords required. There is no need to wait because the platform is available as soon as the recruiter signs up.
  2. Easy and Convenient Navigation: The job portal builder by GazabJobs provides a fast and simple interface, making the user experience seamless.
  3. Swift Payments: The job portal builder by GazabJobs has partnered with RazorPay to bring options as far as payment is concerned.
  4. Access to Verification Services
  5. Value-added services with GazabJobs

The job portal website development is crucial for the hiring process. GazabJobs has taken this to the next level. Serving entry-level blue-collar and grey-collar jobs.