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About Skillskonnect

Building India’s largest digital retailer network for supplying candidates for employment in to
blue collar jobs ,fresher jobs and gig economy jobs.

Solution For


Launch your own Website to drive Placements/Jobs, New Admissions and Online Training to grow your revenues and build your Digital Brand.

Hire from a fast growing pool of job seekers with an Intent to join, are Eligible and have expressed commitment to Retain long in their jobs.

Coming Soon, a state of the art Online learning management system to remove the physical barrier of imparting education and skill development training. Teach online or through video/text based material. Anytime, anywhere.

Recognition From Industry & Govt

DIPP Recognition for an Innovative Startup in the field of Recruitment & Skillig

Shortlisted among 100s of applicants to be part of the SUPER-12 cohort of KIIT-TBI

AWS approved Startup. Access to their cloud services totalling to $5000

Approved as a Promising Startup by Microsoft for Startups. Access to over $25000 worth of MS Products including Azure

Case Studies

Bhushan Bhopatkar, The Founder of Career Architect

Mr. Bhushan Bhopatkar is a well-established professional in the education industry who is committed to the success of his venture The Career Architect. He has been in the industry for over 44 years and has worked tremendously for the betterment of his students. He has delivered relevant guidance, counseling sessions, training programs to students for their upskilling so that they can get into the right careers.

Nail Spa by Gurpreet, Founded by Ms. Gurpreet Seble

Gurpreet Seble is a well-known personality in the Beauty and Wellness industry. She has taught over 7000 students so far and is the founder of Nail Spa by Gurpreet which is one of the most renowned nail spa training institute in the country. They have a good track record of placing their trained students among their network of nail spas in the country.

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