How Job Portal Builders Have Changed Over The Past 10 Years?

The job market is constantly evolving, which means that if you’ve been happily employed, it’s safe to say that things are different now as compared to the past decade. The job-seeking process, the interview process, and how employers connect with the candidates, are all slightly different now, although your time-tested job hunting and interviewing skills will still serve you well. Read on to get a sneak peek at some of the major ways job portal builders have evolved in the past ten years.

  1. Job Search has become more effective: Online job postings have been around for almost ten years now, but job sites have been constantly evolving and progressing in some major ways. In addition to having a greater reach of your job postings, you can now also filter your search — not just for basic categories like job title and location of the job, but also for more advanced categories like salary, date of joining, and posting, and size of the company. These filters make the hiring process more time-efficient. Shortlisting candidates based on job descriptions that aren’t relevant to you makes the most of your job hunting time. Job portal builders have evolved to make the hiring process extremely effective.
  2. Transparency is a priority: Transparency is one factor that has evolved with the hiring process. Most companies have directed their efforts at making the hiring process a transparent one. This involves including all the details regarding the job opening and the company. Everything must be mentioned in the description for the candidates to make an informed decision. This also implies that the candidate has to be completely transparent too, he/she should be prepared to express and be candid about the reasons for seeking a new job and the challenges they’ve overcome in past roles. Job portal builders have evolved to make the hiring process simple and accurate. Transparency certainly helps in achieving efficiency.
  3. Awareness is important: Candidates that are completely aware of the job vacancy they are applying for and the company they are applying for are usually preferred by employers. According to a survey done by Glassdoor, employers would prioritize aware candidates above all others. A major trend the past decade has been that being a high-quality candidate essentially means being an informed one. Job portal builders nowadays provide the option to employers to shortlist candidates based on various filtered factors.
  4. You can search(and apply) for a job through your phone: Yes, it’s really that easy. That means you can apply, get shortlisted and qualify for an interview, all this while you’re standing in line at the bank or grocery store. You can utilize your time to the maximum with online recruitment portals by making the most of your free time to get yourself a job.

Several Job portal builders provide the Easy Apply feature, which allows you to apply without leaving the site or even uploading additional documents. Mobile phones have become a part of our lives and the hiring process is shifting to mobiles to make it more accessible and dynamic. Job portal builders have evolved to keep up with the technology making the hiring process highly effective.

  • Job Search has become more skill-centered: Employers have become more skill-specific when it comes to job postings. With each job opening, a specific skill is required nowadays when compared to a decade ago where postings were explicit about the Microsoft suite of products. Job portal builders nowadays give employers the choice to promote certain skills required for the job.
  • Data Management: Data has become more important than ever. Programs like Google Analytics make data accessible to a wider range of employees and, with that accessibility, comes an expectation that they can use the data regularly in their planning, implementation, and assessment of candidates. Job portal builders provide analytics of the highest order for employers to make the hiring process efficient.

The growth in technology and setting of the digital age has really pushed job portal builders to evolve with time. Over the past decade, thanks to the adapting of job portal builders, the hiring process has become simple and efficient. If you are an employer, making use of job portal builders is crucial for your hiring process.