Essential Tips for Entry Level Blue Collar Jobs

Blue-collar workers are often associated with unskilled labor. But they are more than that. They are the foundation of industrialization. Blue-collar workers are the ones indulging in physical labor that includes manufacturing, waste removal, but lately, certified electricians, mechanics, technicians, home health aides, nursing assistants, and more also fall under the broad category of blue-collar workers. Entry-level blue-collar jobs are available in abundance but there’s a shortage of candidates to fulfill the demand.

Post pandemic hiring landscape is going to be very different. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following jobs are expected to grow at a faster rate:

  • Computer user support specialists
  • Registered nurses
  • Construction managers
  • Financial managers
  • Industrial machinery mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Elementary school teachers

As an employer, you need to prioritize entry-level blue-collar jobs for your organization. Here’s a list of tips to attract and retain blue-collar workers:

  1. FLEXIBILITY: Post pandemic entry-level blue-collar jobs are going to see a rise in demand and hence it is extremely important for employers to make the most of the policies available for the workers. If the workers have the flexibility it would increase the retention and the happiness index of the workers in your factory or warehouse.
  2. A SENSE OF MISSION: Entry-level blue-collar jobs postings should focus on a sense of mission to attract suitable candidates. The millennials nowadays have grown up with the internet and are attracted by a clear vision and mission. You can do this in different ways. Branding is one method that reaps benefits at all levels of an organization. You can market the job vacancy in such a way that portrays a clear sense of mission.
  3. CLEAR COMMUNICATION: Entry-level blue-collar jobs postings must have clear communication regarding the scope of the job and qualifications required for the job. Constant and clear communication with the potential candidates using the right platforms can help you attract and retain capable entry-level blue-collar workers.
  4. TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES: This does not mean looking only at the qualification for filling the job vacancy. Developing skills by experiencing on-the-job is valued high among employers. This will reduce the talent gap in your organization. It is of utmost importance for an organization that its entry-level blue-collar job applicants are trained consistently.
  5. HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE: High retention can be a result of efficient hiring. If you hire the right candidate for the job vacancy in the first place, the retention for your organization will increase automatically. Posting on online recruitment sites regarding entry-level blue-collar jobs with clearly communicated details can help with improving the efficiency of the hiring process.
  6. Change the Stigma: There is a big stereotype about blue-collar workers that are highly present and is ignored. Entry-level blue-collar workers are perceived as inferior to white-collar workers. This may be because white-collar positions require more education, and hence we conclude that white-collar workers are more intelligent. However, what matters is the skillset and how efficiently can a worker complete a given job.
    It then becomes the responsibility of the companies and recruiters to help remove this stigma against blue-collar labor. This can be achieved by changing the importance we give to intelligence and skills. “With the right mindset shift, we can come to an understanding that people work entry-level blue-collar jobs because they want to, not because they have no other career options.”
    The stereotypes can be effectively removed by initiating sponsored apprenticeship programs. These programs can help in teaching young individuals the practical skills and effective training they need as they start on their career path.

If hiring blue-collar workers sound like a herculean task, you can make it much easier by choosing to post entry-level blue-collar jobs on online job portals. With an online recruitment portal, the hiring process becomes simpler and more efficient, thus helping you attract better candidates and retain them successfully.