Operations Executive Intern

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1,000 – 5,000 PM

Graduated, College Students, Freshers

  • Maintain a regular and close relationship with our employer partners
  • Seek feedback on the candidates from employers to ensure hiring takes place on time and reasons for rejections are received to improve the sourcing of candidates internally.
  • Send reports and information to employers regularly on efforts and progress
  • Handle client queries and complaints on time to build a rewarding relationship


  • You may be responsible for collecting, entering and disseminating operational data within your company’s computer system.
  • You may have to take part in the product development phases of the projects they work on. From assisting in the development and design of new process to overseeing quality control of finished one.
  • You must have decision making skills.
  • You must have exceptional communication skills to interact with colleagues, staff and other individuals every day.